Candidating for the methodist church

If you are sensing a call to pastoral ministry, please visit our Getting Started page.

Prior to that, a Candidates' Information Evening will offer a detailed overview of the candidating process for those seriously considering candidating, for their spouses or closest supporters, along with their minister or superintendent.

The Candidates’ Committee meets to discern whether people who are exploring a call to ministry are to be recommended as ministers within the Methodist Church.

The Church has two orders of ministry, presbyters and deacons.

Earlier this month we shared a story from the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference on the third pastor and congregation from that conference who have chosen to leave the United Methodist Church during the past year.

All three of these congregations were newly planted churches, and at least two have affiliated with the Nevada based Central Christian Church.

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This will begin in your circuit, before going to the district and then to a selection committee that represents the Connexional Church."I couldn't have done this without the support group.Thank you." For a conversation or to book a place, please contact: Revd Graham Jones (Ministry Development Officer) at: [email protected] or 07799 902574 or Revd Sean Adair (Superintendent, Bolsover & Staveley) at: [email protected] 01246 823180 The aim of the group is to provide information relating to the process of candidating and also to provide support through what can be a challenging year. If you have a clear calling to a ministry of Service (as opposed to the ministry of Word and Sacrament) and intend to candidate as a Deacon, you must approach their Circuit Superintendent stating their wish to candidate early in the year (I suggest February 2012).i.As a non-preaching Deacon, you should have an interview with the Superintendent before you go to the Circuit Quarterly Meeting.

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