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According to Arnolds, the Christos Choristers was created recently and is a separate group from the Christadelphians.Currently, the Christadelphians Gospel Group members are Danny Jacobs, Cecil Arnolds, Wimpie Arries, Welcome Tiyo, Lloyd Lean, Godfrey Murens, Kenneth Philander, Clive Booysen, Michael Grootboom, Ashley Tobias, Aljaney Seekoei and Keenan Seekoei.AN ARMY of volunteers, not-for-profits and companies are helping get Lismore back on its feet.There has been an outpouring of donations and financial support, but there have also been countless acts of kindness which have made all the difference to people during this disaster. TUESDAY 10.57am: BEACH HOTEL BYRON BAY ON SUNDAY afternoon more than1300 locals joined together at Beach Hotel, Byron Bay to raise much needed funds for local flood victims.They are looking forward to seeing their fans at the shows.

The Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, and Christian Scientists all started around then, too.My boyfriend, Jonathan Dixon, and I have much in common.We’re both writers, we both like to cook, we’re both obsessive music fans. But I learned early on in our romance that while mine was probably just an acute version of run-of-the-mill contemporary existential angst, Jonathan’s was something different: he was raised as a Christadelphian, a member of a community of Christians who believe that the end of the world is nigh.The Sale Christadelphians are a group of Bible believers from Manchester, in the UK.We are just a small part of the worldwide Christadelphian community, bound together by our common belief in the Gospel message, and by baptism into Jesus’ name.

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