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• • • JULIE SCHENECKER: Tampa police say the 50-year-old New Tampa mother was sick of her teenagers talking back at her. 27, 2010, she fatally shot her son Beau, 13, when they got home from soccer practice and her daughter Calyx, 16, as she did her homework. Kalisz also wounded his own niece, Manessa Donovan, 18, and his sister's employee, Amy Wilson, 33. Croix police officer who ended up living on the streets. Roberts was trying to question Delgado, who police say was carrying a large cache of weapons.

Lacy, 39, fired wildly at police from inside the attic for the next several hours.It is best to avoid these scandals especially those which are unsubstantiated but of course, any wrongdoing by anyone deserves to be exposed.In the case of Miss Universe Denmark Christina Mikkelsen, the alleged body shaming and attempt to exploit her will only add to the negative image that beauty pageants have in the Scandinavian region.At that point in time they were not dating anymore and there weren’t any allegations against him or Christina.Christina won the title Miss Universe Denmark and went to represent Denmark in the Philippines.

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