Dating drama king

Image Source: A true sign of a drama king is when a man always assumes the worst.

Maybe one day you were late for a date and instead of thinking about the possibilities of traffic, a late work meeting, or unexpected events, he immediately goes to thinking that you’re late because you were busy with another man.

If there's no drama for them to immerse themselves in, they'll manufacture it. It takes a ton of energy to deal with a drama king, and it often is all for naught, as they'll just move on to the next molehill to turn into a mountain.

It can be mentally and emotionally exhausting to be in a relationship with someone that thrives on conflict. Here are six signs you're wasting your precious self on a person who cannot be helped:1. It's impossible for a drama king to let anything go.

There are plenty of drama kings out there too who act like chics and are just as badas their feminine counterparts. They tend to be picky when it comes to meeting people or eating out and no matter how good something is, he’s always able to find a flaw or something to complain about.

Sadly, dating can be a little blinding and hindsight doesn’t always do you very good, so here i am to remind you of the signs you’re involved with a drama king. Contention or satisfaction is not a feeling or word in his vocabulary.

It's all about bringing the spotlight back to him when somebody steals it.giphy6. In addition to attention, drama kings also need constant sympathy and like to play the victim.

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Shutterstock When you ask this man why he does this or why he acts like that, there is never a short answer.

Instead there’s always a long-winded story and the more time you spend with him, the crazier the stories get.

Sadly, dating can be a little blinding and hindsight doesn’t always do you very good, so here we are to remind you of the signs you’re involved with a drama king.

Source: Shutterstock It’s okay for a man to be in touch with his feelings, but going from one extreme, like yelling and screaming, to the next, boohooing in the corner, within a matter of hours is too much.

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