Raddatepicker selected date not updating

Looking at just the demo, anyone will be impressed with these controls and would want to give them a shot.

But, once you start using them, you will realize how badly they have been architected. Where did the "span" and two extra "input" tags come from? One Rad Text Box gets rendered as a span and three input tags!

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Open the VB Editor and double click on the userform. On the right at the top of the window there is a drop down that lists all the events, including initialize. The userform_initialize event fires when the form is created.

I would say, to showcase the power of the product/tool. Why would any one decide to render one Text box as using three input tags!

Demo websites make the first impression about any product/tool. But, for me, Telerik has failed in making a solid impression. More and more machines are getting 64 bit OS pre-installed on them. Whats the problem with rendering one Text Box as three input tags? ), the code to update the value of the text field to "Hello World" should look like But unfortunately, the above code does not work.

The problem is that the default date is set to the day that the form was created.

I want the default to be todays date (what ever date that may be).

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