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Whether you qualify depends on the state and the charge.

Your record can be expunged if you are a juvenile with a non-violent misdemeanor or ordinance conviction who is turning 18 with no other convictions.

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Some of his recommendations influenced choosing the route for a railroad, including the reports on the presence of coal in what is now southwestern Wyoming. Stansbury wrote: "We thereby secured the society of an excellent and intelligent lady, who not only, by her cheerfulness and vivacity, beguiled the tedium of many a monotonous and wearisome hour, but, by her fortitude and patience endurance of exposure and fatigue, set an example worthy the imitation of many of the ruder sex." (p.

Early in the report made to Congress three years after his trip, Stansbury acknowledged help from Lt. 14)"[A]lthough the route taken by the party has been travelled by thousands of people, both before and since we passed over it, I have thought that some brief extracts from the daily journals of the expedition might not be without interest; for, although noting very new may perhaps be elicited, still it is not improbably that they will convey, to such as peruse them, a more correct idea of what the thousands have had to encounter who have braved this long journey in search either of a new home in Oregon, or of that more alluring object--the glittering treasure of California...." "Before leaving Salt Lake Valley, it had been determined not to return by the beaten track, but to endeavor to ascertain the practicability of some more direct route than that now travelled to the waters of the Atlantic.

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These records do not disappear, but they are removed from public records and only used for court purposes.

from the Department of War, to explore possible routes to and from the Great Salt Lake.

During the summer and early fall of 1849, he traveled west with 18 soldiers, five wagons, and 46 horses and mules.

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